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Gasol and Mirotic are regulars at the opera

"Officials from the city’s cultural institutions say they can’t remember professional athletes coming to any of their performances—let alone as many as these Bulls."

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

It's no secret to many Bulls fans that Pau Gasol loves going to the opera. So much so, that it was even rumored during his free-agency tour in 2014, that one of stipulations of the team he would ultimately choose have an opera located in its city.

Recently, famed opera legend Placido Domingo even shared a tweet, showing himself and Pau after a Bulls game. Domingo also shared this quote:

We are from the same country. It's terrific...Domingo said he believes Gasol is "legitimately" an opera lover. "To come once or twice by chance, but he comes and enjoys it with his family also," he said during his TV interview.

Last season, Pau took Nazr Mohammed to at least one opera (that we know of). Nazr has since retired, but that hasn't stopped Pau. This season, it appears that Pau's new opera buddy is now Nikola Mirotic.

The Wall Street Journal recently took an in-depth look at Niko's and Pau's trips to the opera.

Gasol has seen—or has plans to see—almost every opera in Chicago this season and was pretty bummed when he had to skip one because of his day job. "It was a shame I had to miss it," he said. But the Lyric Opera taped the performance and sent him a copy.

Mirotic isn’t quite as advanced in his opera education. He made sure he was there for "The Marriage of Figaro" on the Lyric’s opening night this season, though, and also made time for what may have been Chicago’s cultural event of the year: the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performing Beethoven under the direction of conductor Zubin Mehta. His one-word review: "amazing."

It even sounds like rookie Bobby Portis now wants to get in on the fun:

When he saw on social media how Gasol and Mirotic spend their free time, however, Portis began to think about joining them. Then he came to a surprising realization: He decided that he, too, would like to go to the opera—but only if they asked him. "I don’t want to be rude," Portis said.

Between the opera and taking a trip to Napa Valley, the Bulls have to be one of the most cultured teams in the league!