Kings pick watch

We about halfway through what has been a very frustrating season much like others we have recently experienced. Big Wins againts the Spurs, Clippers and Cavs coupled in with head scratching losses to The Hornets, The Wolves and The Suns drive me closer to maddness. So instead of focusing on who we should be trading because we all know it's not going to happen or wondering if Niko will every break out of their slump, let's focus on those Sacramento Kings and they fact they are sitting in the 11th spot as of today.

I know the concenus will be to trade the pick and get a veteran wing but I really like some of the guys in the 11 range as of now. Guys like Buddy Heild, Grayson Allen I think will be stars at the next level and one or both should be there on draft day. What are your thoughts?

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