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Bulls defensive rebounding allowed the Warriors to look even better

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Not sure much can be gleaned from that pounding the Bulls took last night, it was just a different class of team. But one of the numerous things the Warriors did well in that game was get offensive rebounds, which is a greater sin since they miss so rarely as it is.

Andrew Bogut alone had 6 offensive boards in his 20 minutes of action. You can catch them all here. Unfortunately on YouTube there's 5 videos of Bogut getting crossed-over and none of him killing the Bulls on the glass, SMH this culture we're in right?

Through the 3 quarters that mattered (insomuch Bogut played in them), the Warriors got 29.7% of their own misses. That's really good! It'd be just under the best in the league if extrapolated for a full season. The Warriors are currently 11th in the league at 24.7%, so for a relatively 'small' team they still do quite well for themselves, but were better than their usual against Chicago.

The issue is that the Bulls have not been a good defensive rebounding team this year, currently 23rd in the league allowing 25.5%. The loss of Joakim Noah could be big here, as while he's even with Pau Gasol on an individual defensive rebound perspective, when you look at's 'contested/uncontested' numbers, 35% of Noah's defensive boards were classified as 'contested' versus 23% for Gasol.

So just something to watch going forward. Last time Noah was out for an extended period, the Bulls defensive rebounding did go down but their offensive rebounding went up (as did their offense in general) to help make up for it.  For reference here's the 2-man combinations sorted by the best defensive rebounding to worst.


Unfortunately it's skewed when Mirotic played at SF, but still pretty interesting and something to look at going forward. Luckily Bobby Portis is involved in a couple solid defensive rebounding combos and his role should increase. But the starting and highest-minute one of Gasol/Gibson is the worst.