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Bulls guaranteed contracts of Bairstow and Felicio, creep further into the luxury tax

Look at the Bulls! not nonsensically cutting around the margins for once.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

This sorta came and went, but it's notable. The contracts of Cameron Bairstow and Cristiano Felicio became fully guaranteed, after the team declined to waive them before last week.

Their salaries are relatively meager, Felicio at $525k and Bairstow at an additional $415k (part of his salary was already guaranteed), but the Bulls have cut less before. Felicio was the extremely rare-for-the-Bulls 15th man on the roster, and is currently looking quite good in the D-League.

For cap purposes, this means a couple things. For one, now either can be included in a trade and their full salary will be part of the outgoing salary aggregation. And now the Bulls are unofficially $4,284,375 over the luxury tax threshold. While not eligible to be in the repeater tax, if they get $5m over that would mean a jump in the incremental tax penalty for the Bulls.

Combining that with the money being paid to two head coaches, this is an all-in financial outlay for Bulls ownership this season. Of course instead of congratulating them I must insist instead on spending more if it helps, and remain vigilant against a trade of a frontcourt player for little under the guise of freeing up minutes.