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Derrick Rose says he's already focusing on free agency in 2017

Derrick Rose has developed a reputation for occasionally giving the media vague and confusing quotes, so perhaps that's why his comments about free agency in 2017 drew so much attention during Bulls media day on Monday. Is anything he said here controversial at all? I don't believe so, but some media types are happy to run with it:

Perhaps the timing is a bit odd. Maybe it's weird and kind of funny that Rose is talking about "security" for his family when he's banked more than $300 million in his career. But John Wall has made even more pointed comments about all the money entering the league over the next two summers, and the new TV deal generating it has received so much attention that it has to be impossible for players to ignore.

Personally, the free agent carrot sticking out in front of Rose seems like an ideal circumstance for the Bulls. It might have helped fuel Jimmy Butler's breakout season last year, and it may have the same effect on Rose moving forward. Because trust me: if Rose is jacking six three-pointers per game and only making 28 percent of them, he's not going to see as much of that new TV money as he's hoping to.

Bulls fans everywhere should be praying D. Rose gets his next time he's up for a payday, because that will mean very good things for the team in the immediate.