Trade idea: Pau for Willie Cauley-Stein

There has been much controversy and questions surrounding the Bulls front court heading into the 2015/2016 season.

What lineups are we going to use? How will Noah bounce back this time? All of which are very valuable and rightfully concerning questions.

Here is my proposition...

We contact the Sacramento Kings.

They already have their cornerstone piece in the middle in DeMarcus Cousins and have invested a lot of money and time this off season preparing to push themselves into a playoff birth and out of the dumpster.

I propose we negotiate a trade:

The Bulls would send Pau Gasol, Kirk Hinrich, Sacramento first round pick and the Bulls 2016 Second round pick.

The Kings would send Willie Cauley-Stein and Darren Collison,

The Bulls do this to get younger in the front-court and set up Noah's long term replacement for the future. He is on an expiring contract and can groom WCS for his final year, before hopefully resigning at a reduced salary next summer. Ultimately I envision Noah and WCS having very similar careers when all is said and done, and what better way to accelerate that than learn directly from him. He also will provide a defensive anchor off of the bench and make the Bulls backup front-court one of the best defensively, around the league, regardless of starter or backup position.

The Bulls also land the quality backup at the point guard that everyone has longed for, on a excellent deal, in Darren Collison, who has already proven himself as both a reserve and a starter.

The Kings get the Eurobasket MVP who just dominated overseas, and a nice compliment next to DeMarcus Cousins, and is playing some of the best basketball of his career. Pau is also that veteran locker room guy that the young and immature Kings core needs. They also secure back there top 10 protected draft pick and nab themselves a second.

Bulls Lineup:





Noah/WCS - passing of the torch over the coming years

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