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Bulls' commentator Stacey King expects a big year from Derrick Rose

Former Bulls champion Stacey King spoke with CSN Chicago yesterday and offered up encouragement and a little advice for Derrick Rose as we head towards a crucial season for the Bulls. You can count King as one of the many people who would like to see DRose take it easy until NBA basketball tips off again:

Derrick knows his body. And me personally, I'd like to see him not play because this is an opportunity that the Bulls have a championship run in them and they need Derrick Rose healthy," he said. "If Derrick Rose is healthy and he can play in Team USA, I would say go. But over the last couple of years he's had those major injuries that have cost him some time.

King also thinks that the new approach of head coach Fred Hoiberg will keep Rose fresh as he tries to mount another comeback to the superstar we all know and love:

I expect him to have a big year this year, I expect him to make the All-Star team, I expect him to be back to the elite player that we are used to seeing," King said of the three-time All-Star (2010-2012). "I can't wait to see him.