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Jimmy Butler admires Mark Wahlberg, is inspired by his workout routine

Do you have a friend who inspires you to work harder and to strive for greatness? It's awesome if you do, but I'm betting that friend isn't Mark Wahlberg. Unless you're Jimmy Butler, in which case we're honored to have you reading, good sir.

Check out this excerpt from Butler's recent interview up at

More than anything he doesn't care I am an NBA player. He just wants me moving in the right direction. He's a role model for so many people. But I look up to him for the way he is with his kids, his family. And the way he treats his entourage (the successful HBO series and later movie was loosely based on Wahlberg). Everybody respects the guy because he treats you with respect. That's how I want to be known. I want to treat you all with respect.

The dude is an incredible dude. He is one of the most genuine people you can be around. He works hard, studies the scripts. He just finished up 'Deepwater Horizon', but he's probably on two scripts from now because that's how his mind works. He's actually the one (that) got (me) waking up at 5 o'clock and working because that's what he does, wakes up 4:30, 5 and he reads (scripts) and then he goes works out and starts his day.

When the Bulls rock out the NBA Finals next year you can at least partially thank Marky Mark.