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The Bulls look to be officially done for this offseason

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A mini-update after the Jimmy Butler press conference today:

  • A big assumption this morning was that the Bulls still had their taxpayer-MLE exception to use. We now know that's not true, they used 'a little over $2m' of it to sign Brooks. This is technically using it (all that's left is around the vet minimum, anyway) but really strangely. Since Brooks was on the team last year, he was eligible for a 20% raise to around $1.374m. So by going over $2m they now can't use that exception for somebody else. The Bulls did a solid job in leveraging Bird rights when signing Dunleavy, but not doing the same with Brooks (though we'll probably hear of the 'bidding war' soon) is poor roster management.
  • That means they're probably done, and ~$4m over the tax, though Moore and Bairstow could technically be waived. There was a rumor today that had the Bulls among teams interested in point guard Donald Sloan, who played last year for the Sixers and even started a handful of games.
  • The press conference itself didn't have much of interest, with the exception news breaking beforehand there was little point in asking, and from what I gather even after someone did Gar danced around not being able to talk about free agents.
  • Butler himself was asked about this ongoing 'feud' story with Derrick Rose, basically saying that they're fine, and if not best pals off the court should be even more cohesive on it under Hoiberg. To the on-court stuff, Butler's agent had an interesting quote
    "Jimmy knows how to use Derrick.I do think Derrick has to maybe figure out how to use Jimmy because they haven't played that much together and Jimmy made such a big jump offensively."