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Dregs of Free Agency open thread

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So we're really in the last bit of it, fans. Guys like Jason Smith, Richard Jefferson, and Aaron Brooks are signing somewhere.

Some notable stuff in the past couple days though. One being the expected David Lee move to an unexpected destination in Boston. The Celtics made the East Playoffs (such as they were) last season and have added both Lee and Amir Johnson, which isn't too shabby. They're still kind of of a mashup of random rookie contracts, so more moves can be made there to be sure.

Another noteworthy, if minor, signing is the Wizards getting Alan Anderson from Brooklyn. They've now replaced Paul Pierce with Anderson, Jared Dudley, and Gary Neal, which isn't a bad save, and potentially means a lot more small-ball from the Wiz.

And as always, we look to Cleveland: they got Mo Williams at a discount, and are still working on utilizing that Brendan Haywood contract.