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Chicago Bulls Organizational chart needs an update

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday the Bulls officially announced the completion of new (and rookie) Head Coach Fred Hoiberg's coaching staff. It was more-or-less what was already reported. Randy Brown is descending from Gar's right hand to be on the bench, replacing Ed Pickney. Getting Jim Boylen and his Spurs-shine to be lead assistant seems solid, but this Brown 'transfer' is as uninspiring as the Pete Myers hire from last month, as Brown is even moreso an Organizational guy. He could be a quality assistant coach too, which would be a nice benefit. Mike Wilhelm is now the only holdover from the Thibs regime, though that's not much as he's held over since the Bill Cartwright era.

It'll be similarly interesting (I'm trying here guys, I know there isn't much 'of interest' surrounding the team this week) if Brown's position in the front office gets replaced. Here's a link to the somewhat-current (before Brown changed business cards) Org. chart. Brown wasn't the only 'Assistant' (assistant to?) Gar Forman, and it's interesting to see that the team seemingly never replaced Matt Lloyd when he left as Director of College Scouting in 2012. Maybe promoting John Paxson's brother was the corresponding move, there.

Listen, not every post is about putting tinfoil atop our collective dome about the Bulls saving money, but in a year where they doled out a pretty huge contract to Hoiberg and are still paying $9m for Tom Thibodeau to be out of the building, it's notable the margins look to be slimmed (somewhat similar to our look into their 'analytics department'). Heck, even long-time business execs Steve Schanwald and Irwin Mandel were supposedly retiring, or at least they received their retirement puff pieces on the website (they're still listed in the directory)...that's good belt-tightening.

Tough to speculate how this affects the actual coaching, of course. I thought Thibs's staff was pretty underwhelming after Ron Adams was booted, but Thibodeau was the hardest working man in the business. Though there was speculation that the Bulls would try to retain Pickney or Adrian Griffin to keep some of the defensive principles intact, the Bulls themselves didn't actually promise us that they were going to provide Fred with an especially-accomplished support system, nor that it was needed. They did so with Vinny Del Negro and that backfired, anyway.

Rounding out the end of the bench is a couple transplants from Iowa. As previously reported, Charlie Henry is indeed on board, though as a full-fledged Assistant Coach and not a mere video coordinator. The Video Coordinator role is going to be filled by Nate Lonser, who was a player development guy under Hoiberg at ISU and has a real interesting story.

I'll concede this is all pretty low-stakes, but the Bulls themselves stressed the importance of culture, interdepartmental communication, and other corporate bloviation in firing Thibodeau, so it matters a bit.