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Bulls announce Summer League roster

Here are your SummerBulls.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The SummerBulls will begin play in Las Vegas on Saturday against the Timberwolvesand the SummerBulls roster has now been finalized. Let's have a look.

Vander Blue: Besides having a pretty cool name, Blue was teammates with Jimmy Butler at Marquette in 2010-11. Blue skipped his season before going undrafted, and he's bounced around the NBA, D-League and overseas.

Doug McDermott: Doug and Tony Snell tore up Summer League before Doug's disappointing rookie campaign. Hopefully we see the same type of Summer League dominance from Doug this time around.

Bobby Portis: The Bulls rookie will be featured along with McDermott in Vegas, and hopefully he can show off his versatility.

Cristiano Felicio: A 6'10 dude from Brazil. Was supposed to go to Oregon but didn't. That's all I got.

Diante Garrett: IOWA STATE GUY NO.1! Garrett enjoyed a strong senior season at Iowa State in Fred Hoiberg's first season as head coach. The point guard put up 17 and 6 that year and saw some decent minutes with the Utah Jazz in 2013-14.

Amere May: Put up 21 points per game this past year at Delaware State and shot 38.7 percent from three on over seven attempts per gae.

Ramon Galloway: Shot really well from long range his last two years at La Salle, knocking down 41.2 percent as a senior and 44.2 percent as a junior.

Rayvonte Rice: Was a solid player at Illinois. I'm nominating him for Snell's replacement as Doug's sidekick this summer, but that's because I'm biased toward Illinois. There are a ton of other gunners who could take that honor.

Tyrus McGee: IOWA STATE GUY NO. 2! He had a really nice season in 2012-13 in Ames and shot 46.4 percent from three on nearly six attempts per game. Been playing overseas.

Darrell Williams: Williams had a promising career going at Oklahoma State before being wrongly accused of sexual assault. He ended up at a small school in Texas last season.

Cameron Bairstow: He's listed as a rookie for this on the Bulls' website.

T.J. Price: Price put up big numbers at Western Kentucky and shot 41.3 percent from three this past season on over six attempts per game.