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NBA free agency: Bulls quiet as LaMarcus Aldridge heads to Spurs on 4th of July

All quiet on the Bulls front, but there have been other big moves made in NBA free agency.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls did what they needed to do by locking up Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy on the first day of free agency, but it's been mostly quiet for them besides that. They're on the lookout for a backup point guard, but I haven't seen their name involved with many rumors.

While the Bulls have been quiet, big things have been happening around the league. LaMarcus Aldridge is going to the Spurs and DeAndre Jordan spurned the Clippers for the Mavericks. (Oh, and Rondo to the Kings! LOL and Fuck Rondo!) The Spurs pulling this off is pretty nuts (and they could get David West!), while the Clippers are significantly weakened by losing Jordan. The Mavs will be fun, but I can't say they're really title contenders yet.

Still, the West is going to be absurd yet again. A healthy top three of the Spurs, Warriors and Thunder is insane, and then throw in all those other quality teams. The Blazers are pretty screwed, but they could have a fun young team that loses a lot of games.

Anyway, Happy 4th BaB! Perhaps the Bulls will try to sneak something in on the holiday.