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Doug McDermott not just an outside threat

Doug McDermott didn't have a great Summer League in the ways of perimeter shooting, but he made up for the dry spell from outside by taking the traditional approach to basketball: going to the rim.

Terry Scaletta at Today's Fastbreak has a detailed account of what we're starting to see from young Doug, including the rim attacking we've talked about:

What McDermott showed was an ability to score around the rim. His outside shot was bad, but he was remarkably effective getting to the rim. Based on a review of play-by-play data, he was only 18-of-48 (37.5 percent) on jumpers.

However, on shots that weren't jump shots (i.e. layups, hook shots, etc.) he was 23-36, which is good for 63.9 percent.

Furthermore, 10 of those were unassisted. That's two more unassisted field goals than he had in all of last season. Again, duly noting the Summer League caveats, that's still an indication he can get to the basket and score there.

And this is where the eye test comes into play. There were actual skills and attributes on display that look like they can carry over into the regular season.

There's plenty of reasons to be encouraged about McDermott going into his second season in the NBA.