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Nazr Mohammed has a lot of options

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nazr Mohammed took to the internet to give perspective on his Free Agency activity. I guess because nobody else would? To be honest, it's a nice tale from Mohammed about where he sees himself and his career at the moment. While he mentions interest from some NBA teams in playing for an 18th season (now at exactly 1000 career games), there's no team specifically mentioned.

You'd have to think that it won't be a 4th (!) season with the Bulls.

  1. Nazr looked more finished than ever.

  2. While drafting Bobby Portis was framed as best-player-available, he also filled the need of the 5th big that Nazr occupied last season.

  3. The 6th big man spot is already a competition between two younger players, 2014 2nd rounder Cameron Bairstow and summer-signee Christiano Felicio. Per Eric Pincus at BasketballInsiders, Felicio's salary is fully non-guaranteed while Bairstow has a $425k guarantee, giving the latter the likely leg up in a roster spot. If Nazr were to sign, his minimum would have a cap figure of nearly $950k. As a (currently) tax-paying team, these bits matter more.

  4. The Bulls never carry the maximum 15 players into the season, of which the Felicio signing brought them to for now.

Mohammed mentioned his off-court desires if it comes to that, including working in an NBA front-office. Given how understaffed the Bulls are at the moment, maybe there's a role in his hometown in that capacity. Given his background he could be a replacement for Randy Brown (but not Matt Lloyd!).

If he hangs them up this offseason, his long playing career ends on a badly-missed three-pointer against the Cavs, heh. Though if you read his words, Nazr seems cool with that.