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Doug McDermott puts in his finest performance of this year's Summer League

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Doug McDermott must've read our work (or at least your mean comments) on his Summer League performance to date and used it for inspiration, because he had his most productive night to date. While 'It's just Summer League' is a useful caveat to all of this, and who knows if he's even a passable defender for this season, but you'd hope as a 23 year old lottery pick that McDermott would at least exhibit some offensive dominance against this kind of competition. Putting in good useless stats is still better than bad useless stats. And late Thursday night, McDermott scored 15 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter leading an epic playoff comeback in downing the SummerRaptors.

Though McDermott rebounded from a poor first half (for him and the team) and certainly got a lot of buckets, it was more of what we'd seen so far from him. He still only shot 1-5 from three, now totaling 2-16 for the Summer (which is less worrisome as it is simply interesting), but continued his high rate of finishing around the rim (though he also had 5 shots blocked). McDermott also picked up his first block or steal of the week, so you can't say he had no athleticism-indicating stats!

And to that athleticism, while it's cool to see McDermott produce, the actual baskets aesthetically look like he's about to win an ESPY award for perseverance. Maybe that's another indication that this won't work in real games, or maybe the dude just has a knack for scoring points. He did get a whole shit-ton of them in college. For example, the one-handed follow of a missed layup had all the grace of a tazered antelope, but also showed great anticipation. It was one of 6 offensive rebounds McDermott had on the night.

This is tournament play, now, and the SummerBulls victory means they'll play again on Saturday against the SummerSuns, and it looks like that one will actually be on television.