Jimmy Butler on First Take: "Why Can't We Be the Favorite?"


Jimmy made an appearance today on First Take (starts at 14:20 in the link) and gave a lot of great soundbites that should give Bulls fans loads of confidence. Highlights include: Effectively dispatching the Rose beef as media speculation fueled by the fact that the Bulls didn't win in the playoffs (a much more concrete statement than what he gave at his press conference last week) "WHY CAN'T WE BE THE FAVORITE?" We all know what happened the last time the best player on the Bulls made a "Why Can't X Happen" statement. "Chicago is my city now. I've embraced it. They've embraced me." Clarification and explanation of Jimmy's love for Taylor Swift music (and Stephen A. Smith subsequently declaring his love for Katy Perry). Jimmy's segment goes for roughly fifteen minutes. Happy listening!