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Jimmy Butler to re-sign, can stay with Bulls for at least 4 years

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler is getting maxed out. From Woj:

Jimmy Butler has agreed to a five-year, $95 million maximum contract to re-sign with the Chicago Bulls, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Butler's deal will include a player option after the fourth year of the deal, sources told Yahoo.

so, woohoo!

This at least puts to rest our collective ulcer from the earlier reports that Butler was intending on seeking a shorter-term deal (or even the 1-year qualifying offer) to hit unrestricted free agency earlier. Once the Bulls extended the Maximum Qualifying Offer earlier this week, the 'best' Butler could do in that department would've been 3 years before opting out. It looks like the Bulls now have Butler at four guaranteed years before he could potentially leave.

That's good news. Jimmy Butler is locked up. It's at a price he earned after betting on himself following stalled negotiations last summer, but given his production and the increase to the cap in the coming years, it's still looking to be a very solid contract moving forward.