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NBA Draft 2015: Chicago Bulls select Bobby Portis in the first round

The Bulls have made their choice at pick #22

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

There is a newest Chicago Bull, and his name is Bobby Portis, selecting him with pick 22 in the 2015 NBA draft. Portis is a 6'11" PF from Arkansas, a 20 year-old Sophomore.

It's tough to assess 'fit' with picks this late in the first round, as typically these players aren't going to be great enough to push established rotation players out anyway. But that said, with the Bulls lack of flexibility this coming offseason it is a bit surprising that the Bulls didn't go with a guard here. But that could mean that adding to the Bulls very deep frontcourt tonight could actually mean a trade of one of those four established players soon.

It's so much easier to scout a single person than a bunch, right? We had extensive coverage of Bulls potential prospects on the site this week and Portis wasn't one of them, heh. But for more on Portis, SBNation's Arkansas site previewed him here. Here's his DraftExpress profile. SBNation's draft guru Kevin O'Connor was very high on Portis, and you can read his report here.

The Bulls have been in a bit of a draft rut the past couple years (though the jury is still out on some, clearly), so here's hoping this pick is more Jimmy Butler and less Marquis Teague.

The Bulls currently do not have a pick in the 2nd round, but a lot of teams could be selling those as the night goes on.