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Jim Boylen just the first to be joining Fred Hoiberg's staff

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE2 (6/18): Report out of Ames has former ISU assistant Charlie Henry joining the Bulls as well. Unclear whether it's in the open video coordinator role or promoted to a higher level on Hoiberg's staff.

UPDATE (6/17): KC Johnson is reporting that long-time Organizational stooge guy Pete Myers is likely the next assistant to join Hoiberg's staff. Myers hasn't been with the Bulls since 2011, and in the interim he was with Mark Jackson's staff in Golden State. KC called that a 'successful' run, but eh, that's a subjective assessment. And it doesn't appear that he was working anywhere this past season.


A year after convincing Pau Gasol to choose Chicago (and its culture!) over the San Antonio Spurs, the Bulls have successfully wooed another Spur to their side in Assistant Coach Jim Boylen.

Alright, not a huge deal, but still a better-than-discouraging hire. Boylen's been everywhere and has the 'well-regarded' tag, purportedly with more of a defensive background but with an all-around skillset as well. This is a promotion in coming to the Bulls, as he'll be Fred Hoiberg's "Associate Head Coach", i.e. the lead assistant.

This is an especially important hire to get right given Hoiberg's lack of experience coaching at this level. Back when Vinny Del Negro was a rookie coach (with even less experience), the Bulls shelled out some serious money for long-time former head coaches in Del Harris and Bernie Bickerstaff. It really didn't work out well, and both were seen as taking cushy retirement jobs (Harris literally retired a year later), or maybe Vinny couldn't have been helped regardless.

There's still the rest of the staff to fill out. Here's what we know: