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Bulls vs. Cavs: Game 3 - Second Half Open Thread

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Cavs 49
Bulls 47

  • The refs are really swallowing the whistles
  • Joakim Noah is having the ultimate "wow, this is bad, but he's trying so hard" game.
  • Big minutes for Nikola Mirotic. Driving to the hole, went up fast to draw a foul after an offensive board, knockin' down shots. Not really boxing out well, but the help has been better tonight than others since the knee injury.
  • Jimmy Butler giving LeBron James a game. LeBron is having a really strong quarterbacking performance, but Butler is containing Cam Newton's running game but Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen are getting fed, if that makes sense.
  • Pau Gasol has been not terrible, but he and Niko are very slow together.
  • Kirk Hinrich was maybe told to not shoot so damn much. He was getting rid of the ball fast.
  • Strong footwork from Derrick Rose, defensively, but the Cavs are really making him work on that end.