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Chicago Bulls top five stories of the week:

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
  1. The Bulls opened up their series against Cleveland, which is what we've always wanted, even if it means staring at LeBron James blocking the way.

  2. It's been a split in Cleveland, which is a pretty good result! In game one, the shots were open and very makeable for the Bulls. In game two there were open looks, just for the wrong guys.

  3. Jimmy Butler's been the Bulls best player all playoffs, and was officially rewarded yesterday with the league's most improved player award.

  4. The Tom Thibodeau vs. the Org. saga isn't going away, and that's kind of the point of it. Woj dropped some bombs on the seemingly unfixable feud, and then Ramona Shelburne had even more on the psyche of Thibs and his players.

  5. Game Three is tonight at the United Center. We've seen the Cavs adjust in game two, will the Bulls hit back in this one? Does that include playing Nikola Mirotic?

(expect these posts every Friday morning through the playoffs)