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Fred Hoiberg will be the Bulls' next head coach

No official announcement has been made, but of course it's going to happen.

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We've been making Fred Hoiberg to the Bulls jokes for months, although I think most of us knew in the back of our minds that we weren't really joking. Now that Tom Thibodeau is out of the picture, Hoiberg to the Bulls is about to become a reality.

I could only laugh during that dog and pony show GarPax put on the other day when they were talking about their coaching "search," because we know damn well that search has only ever consisted of one name: Fred Hoiberg. CBS Sports' Gary Parrish reported a week ago that Hoiberg was going to take the job, and we've had a flurry of reports since then all saying the same thing.

Beck, Woj, KC, Friedell, Goodwill. All of them have reported on Hoiberg to the Bulls. We're also already getting some more details about when the announcement may come and how much Hoiberg's new deal will be. Randy Peterson of The Des Moines Register says the announcement will likely come Tuesday, while Frank Isola (the biggest Thibs homer ever) of the New York Daily News says the new deal will be for five years, $25 million. (That's more than Thibs's second contract, but also the going rate for coaches these days.)

This coaching hire was too obvious, and it was too obvious a long time ago, hence all the jokes. Hoiberg is a former Bull with ties to the front office (IOWA STATE), so they should be able to get along, although you never know with this organization.

While there's worry about Hoiberg just being Tim Floyd 2.0 and/or a GarPax puppet (and maybe some worry about his health?), I think there are legitimate reasons to be excited about this hire. Hoiberg is known for being an innovative offensive guy, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with the pieces that are in place. At the very least, the team SHOULD be more fun to watch. Emphasis on should, because there will be an adjustment period going from college to the pros, and you never quite know how that kind of transition will turn out. Just hoping for the best.