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Chicago Bulls top five stories of the week: Thibodeau update

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Has it only been a week since we had Bulls games to cover? Seems longer, maybe it just feels so bad how everything ended it just has a more lingering feeling.

  1. So what's the update with Tom Thibodeau? Since a flurry of rumors at the end of the season, nothing concrete. In fact, we're seemingly only getting extremely fringe-y reports about Thibs and a potential new coach. Like this guy saying Fred Hoiberg would take the Bulls job, and this dude saying the Lakers are going after Thibs. These reports were 'ran with', but not very far.

  2. If you want run-down of ALL the coaching talk, HoopsRumors does a great job. I'm not even certain they bothered with those ones above, and they'll quote a story from sites like BasketballInsiders and SheridanHoops (so beware). I will listen to Ken Berger of CBSSports though, and he's said there's been 'no movement' from the Bulls. KC Johnson has similarly said the Bulls are, unsurprisingly, doing little. They don't call Paxson 'Drew Diligence' for nothing folks. Actually that's just a dumb joke I break out every 4 years, nobody else actually says that.

  3. What's even more interesting to me is the Shams Charania report saying that while the Bulls are doing draft workouts, Thibs isn't a part of it. Instead, Gar Forman stooge and Org. soldier Randy Brown is leading them. That pretty much means Thibs is gone, right? If anything, if Thibs stays it'll be harder for Gar to blame poor drafting on him after the fact if he's not participating in the evaluation process.

  4. That's part of the Bulls problem with this whole situation, they've made it quite obvious they don't want Thibs coaching (let alone at his high sticker price), which doesn't bode well for duping another team into providing compensation for hiring him. Adrian Wojnarowski said as much in a radio appearance this week, saying that the rumored Thibs destinations of New Orleans and Orlando are not only reticent to give the Bulls compensation, but may not even want to pay Thibs more than what he's making from the Bulls. So it's possible that the Bulls may wind up outright firing Thibodeau and eating the 2 years of his contract (less any offset from a future coaching job).

  5. In other news, Pau Gasol was named to the All-NBA 2nd team, which is an even higher honor than the All-Star starting appearance. There was some wonky voting to enjoy, like Kyrie Irving beating out Jimmy Butler for a 3rd team guard selection, or Joakim Noah getting a couple votes.

(expect these posts every Friday morning through the end of the month)