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Chicago Bulls top five stories of the week

The Bulls barely played any basketball, but here are some stories from this week.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
  1. The Bulls had a long schedule break, with only an exhibition game against the Knicks in the 7 days between real games. Thibs used that practice time to circle the wagons.

  2. Then they promptly went out and got outworked and shot poorly against Milwaukee in a loss. Maybe it's rust!

  3. Kirk Hinrich was injured in Milwaukee, and though he's terrible the Bulls do need a not-shrimpy PG for this still Rose-less stretch. Thankfully while he may miss tonight's game the injury doesn't look as bad as it appeared.

  4. Speaking of Rose, he's started taking contact and did 4-on-4 scrimmaging earlier this week. Then moved on to 5-on-5. Is 6-on-6 next?

  5. By doing some calendar math, Rose could (as he himself would say, "who knows?")  be back by April 11th. A fine night to win this contest for a post-game slumber party in a United Center skybox.

(these are gonna be happening Friday mornings through the playoffs. Hopefully after NCAA season we get a return of 'This Week in Bulls', too! Who knows??)