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Chicago Bulls top five stories of the week

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Derrick Rose returned! Again! He's been on a minutes restriction, and while settling a bit in his first game back looked better in the second. And he says he feels good. Progress.

  2. Rose and his teammates didn't have the best week on the court. They lost to the Cavs in a game they were behind for the final 3 quarters, then collapsed against the cruddy Magic, then saw themselves down 19 to the Heat before finally taking care of business.

  3. Whether it's a change in position or a nasty combination of age+injury, Joakim Noah hasn't been the same player this year.

  4. Things are simultaneously looking up and down. Rose returning could mean new possibilities, or it just puts a stronger spotlight on the many flaws this team still has. So it's probably not really too early to think about the offseason already, even if seeding is still on the line.

  5. You may have noticed Ricky's back after plying his trade covering the NCAA tournament. I am pretty sure 'This Week in Bulls' isn't back just yet, so in the meantime here's a return of that segment's favorite feature: The Booze News:

    This has been the Booze News.

(expect these posts every Friday morning through the playoffs)