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Doug McDermott scores 16 points in 16 minutes against Pacers

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hey, it's something.

If you're like me and didn't get to see much of the Bulls loss in Indy on Friday, here's at least some Doug McDermott highlights. As a bonus I found one where you get the away announcers.

Looking at the box-score line, not getting a single 'extra' point at the FT line or from a three doesn't make this the most efficient game for McDermott, but for somebody who'd been scoreless since the Butler+Rose injuries thrust him in the rotation, it's a start. The aggression was obviously there with 17 shots in 16 minutes of action.

He shows some non-SpotShooting skill here, cutting off the ball (point-Noah really helped him in this area, obviously) and finishing well enough inside.

Some post-game quotes from Doug by the comically-homer ('Doug may be arriving at just the right time' ) Sam Smith:

I think I have been pressing. I was out a long time and then not playing a whole lot and then kind of got thrown into the mix the last couple of games and I wasn't quite comfortable. Today, I kind of took a deep breath and just went out there and played basketball.
I've never gone through an injury like that where I missed a large portion of time, especially during a season where other guys are playing a lot more games and are in rhythm and I kind of have to start like training camp. I think right now I feel real comfortable; just having a game like this I think will really help me. I still don't feel like I am playing to my potential. I'm going to continue to work and continue to get in better game shape and obviously with [Rose and Butler] out it opens up some minutes for me and some other guys. And we have to make the most of it because when they come back it's probably going to be hard to get as many minutes.
To have a game like wasn't perfect, but it is something I can build off.

There's also a lot in there from Doug about his teammates and from his teammates about him. They all like eachother, so that's cool too.