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Kyle Lowry out against the now-almost-totally-healthy Bulls

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls are almost there, with only a dozen or so games left in the season. Jimmy Butler returned earlier this week, and after a one-game 'general soreness' absence (which can't ever be trusted, really) the Bulls should see him joined by Joakim Noah tonight.

The Bulls are facing the Raptors, and while a road game they get a bit of a schedule break on this one: Toronto played last night (and lost to the Pistons, like us!) and will be again without Kyle Lowry. The Bulls beat a Lowry-less Raptors just last week in a fun romp, and have gone 3-0 against the Dinos this season.

So while the tiebreaker (and demonstrated dominance) is already in hand, obviously this is still a pretty big game for seeding. As of this morning the Bulls are a half-game ahead of the Raptors for the #3 seed. And today's Derrick Rose derp-date at least gives nothing to indicate he won't be returning before the end of the year!

Nobody signed up for a game preview today, but I blame myself since I just posted the new set of games this morning. So sign up now!