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Derrick Rose expected to return in 4-6 weeks

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Bulls GM Gar Forman addressed the media (and all of us, via the magic of the internet) early Friday morning to provide an update on Derrick Rose's right knee surgery. As was the hope that had been accumulating over the past couple days (after the initial shock/despair), Rose had what sounds like a quick, clean surgery that removed the damaged part of the medial meniscus.

Forman put forth an expected recovery timeline of 4-6 weeks, after which Rose will be 100%. Rose's rehab will begin tomorrow, and he may be doing on-court activities in as soon as a week.

6 weeks from today is April 3rd, where the Bulls would still have three regular season games before the playoffs. Forman made it clear that the expectation is that Rose returns this season.

This is still a rough situation for both Rose and the Bulls, but anything that wasn't 'season-ending' is a huge positive. There could always be a setback, or Rose's recovery comes with limitations in this timeframe. And there were many team-wide issues (including Rose's play) indicating that the chance of a title run was looking slim regardless. However, if Rose was ruled out, there would be zero hope for the rest of the season to be meaningful (or particularly enjoyable). It's probably expecting a lot to figure the future scenario where Rose is going to come back and lead the Bulls to a deep playoff run. But now at least there's a chance of that, and that feels pretty great.