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No timetable, and even more questions about Derrick Rose's surgery

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Like a lot of you, not even sure what to say. All season, though we've seen Rose go through his peaks in valleys in terms of his performance, we could say to ourselves 'hey, at least he's still healthy'. It was a state that we could all be at least somewhat pleased with given the past couple of seasons.

But that's over, again. I know a lot of you want to look at who to blame, and what to do next...and...well...I'm right there with you! Let's find blame. Let's see when he's coming back. Let's just get some information.

Right now, there isn't much. KC Johnson reported late Tuesday that there will be no timetable until after surgery, and neither the team nor Rose himself knew exactly when he suffered the injury. There was no mention of discomfort from Rose after the win over Milwaukee Monday night, until Rose 'didn't do much' in practice earlier on Tuesday before the MRI. As Chris noted in his re-watch of Monday's game, Rose was missing inside looks all evening and appeared to have no lift in a play in the first half. But if the injury happened when Thibs re-inserted him into a blowout victory with 5 minutes to go, woo boy...

Unfortunately, we'll probably never know. And really: the most likely outcome of the prior knee surgery was always going to be another surgery. Just have to wait and see how severe this tear is. Even a very fortuitous prognosis would still have Rose come back just as the playoffs are about to begin. Given that, and that the trade deadline just passed, even if Rose was 'destined' to at least have another minor procedure it's real cruddy timing.

And like the 2013 injury to the same knee, a huge decision will be made in which surgery is performed. Then, it was determined to do a 'repair' and re-attachment, which shut Rose down for the season but was intended to better preserve his career long-term. This time, it could be anything from a slight 'clean-up' (like I suppose what you'd call what Russell Westbrook has had on his meniscus since his initial repair) to a more extensive repair like 2013, to an outright removal. That last option would have the quickest recovery time, and maybe given the circumstances it's determined maybe 'long term' is too much of a longshot to shoot for anymore. It'll be very interesting to hear from both The Bulls and Team Rose and see how they approach it, with which doctors, what either side may want, and what is ultimately decided. Ultimately, it'll be the knee itself that makes the decision when they get in there, where the extent of the tear will determine the surgery.

It's clear there are a ton of unknowns, but also that it unequivocally sucks for Rose. These rehabs he's had to go through, both physically and mentally, are no joke. And though I've questioned his decisions in past recoveries, and his play this season hasn't been without criticism eithere, there's no doubt that it all originates from a cruel hand that he's been dealt.

It's tough to even get to the Bulls repercussions so soon. We'll first have to just wait and see when Derrick is projected to return, and go from there. Again.