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Derrick Rose to undergo surgery to repair torn meniscus.


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Just going to paste this info-dump from SBNation on the particular injury. Not even sure what to do otherwise -yfbb

The Chicago Bulls will be without point guard Derrick Rose for the foreseeable future after an MRI confirmed a torn medial meniscus, forcing Rose to undergo another knee surgery. No timetable for Rose's return has been set.

Rose reported knee pain on Monday and underwent the MRI, which showed a tear in the meniscus in his right knee, the Bulls say. The injury is the same one Rose had surgery on in 2013. It will be his third knee surgery since 2012, including the torn ACL he suffered in his left knee during the 2012 playoffs.

Although the projected timetable for a return from a meniscus tear can be as little as six weeks, it's hard to estimate how long Rose may be out. A lot will depend on the type of operation Rose undergoes. He had his meniscus repaired last season, but removing instead of repairing again could shorten the recovery. The downside is it may prove detrimental in the long run.


Yep. This is happening:

I have nothing else guys. I don't even know what to say.