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Bulls stand pat at the deadline, but Miami looking to crash East playoffs

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, yeah: Bulls did nothing at the deadline, and they like their team. Did you know that health is an acquisition, too? Kind of like 2 offseasons ago when Derrick Rose was a free-agent signing.

It's a fairly nonsensical way to express things, but you see what the Bulls are thinking. Given that they didn't want to use their first round pick in a deal, and didn't really have dead salary to move (how dare you), options were limited. And though while the idea of a modest improvement would've been nice to entertain, the Bulls clearly value continuity and their monthly cell phone minutes plan over keeping things entertaining transactionally this time of year.

The good news is that no other team of the East's 'not-shitty 5' did much of significance. The Wizards upgraded their backup PG spot, dealing the finally-faded Andre Miller for Ramon Sessions, but we'll have to see if that really improves their bench much. You'd think that with it being a wide-open race that'd make teams more eager to mortgage the future a bit (heck, Atlanta still has cap space!), but instead the perspective of that situation is that every team feels they have more than enough.

an insanely active trade deadline

The Bucks and Pistons, two upcoming opponents, both made moves that could impact their chances in those games. But the trade that could have bigger-picture ramifications is the acquisition of Goran Dragic by the Miami Heat. They gave up nobody of immediate consequence, the best assets being a couple of first round picks to be conveyed long after Pat Riley has died (or at least re-submerges in his lazarus pit). Dragic now gives them an All-Star caliber PG and a pretty nice starting lineup alongside Wade/Deng/Bosh/Whiteside. They'll remain in the lower-half of the bracket, but could loom as a scary first-round matchup even though their current bench is pretty much just Mario Chalmers and Birdman Andersen (and Wade's still hurt). But they'll probably be active in signing the bought-out veterans that'll start to be available in the next week.

The Bulls will, too. They do have an open roster spot. Given the history of buyouts and the Bulls late-season acquisitions, it'll probably be someone who has zero impact in the playoffs (Woj just mentioned the Bulls as a suitor for Kendrick Perkins, so that's gross). Here's hoping health and continuity is enough, then.