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Chicago Bulls trade deadline open thread

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Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is at 2pm Central today.

As expected (heh), the Bulls have been quiet. They've pretty much always quiet because their paranoid weirdos, so that doesn't totally mean much. However there also isn't much out there for them to do, either.

Heard a little something about Kevin Martin yesterday, but even that also pointed out to the upcoming buyout market. After the deadline there will be a new set of rumors surrounding those candidates, guys who the Bulls can sign at the minimum for the rest of the season. That usually generates far more news than actual on-court production, but what can you do.

What may be of most interest to Bulls fans today is what the other East contenders do. It's looking like Toronto and Washington may be the most active, with Cleveland already having much of their work done and Atlanta reportedly staying pat.

It's usually a really fun day to just follow along, even if you're dismayed the Bulls do little but salary dumps this time of year, and just wait for the Reggie Rose statements to come. But use this thread to talk NBA trades, real or imagined.