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Hoiberg considering lineup changes, who will be the new frontcourt pair?

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Will Taj finally start?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

KC Johnson's story on Hoiberg considering changing the lineup:

"We’ve put a lot of numbers together the last couple days just trying to figure out the best lineups that were on the floor the last year and through the beginning portion of this year. We’ll see how it impacts the game," Hoiberg said. "We had a lot of talks, debates over the last couple days. It’s certainly matchups.

And then this:

And though Hoiberg wouldn't confirm there will be one for Wednesday's game against the Celtics, Taj Gibson worked with the starters at the morning shootaround and Nikola Mirotic worked with the reserves, according to multiple witnesses.

Multiple witnesses!!

On a related note, in quotes gained by Vincent Goodwill, both Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah have referred to the team as being "soft". One has to wonder if replacing Taj with Niko will make the Bulls a bit tougher.

We will see if Wednesday's game versus the Celtics will begin the change that many believe is coming.