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It wasn't just the final rebound that cost the Bulls against Phoenix

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The Bulls gave the game away by not boxing out in last night's game

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Fred Hoiberg had poor late-game management of last night's Suns-Bulls game, but the players were also largely to blame on very bad 4th quarter rebounding.

First, let's look at the last possession of the game:

Rose, Gasol, and Mirotic are all guilty of some level of ball-watching as Jon Leuer's 3 point shot misses.

Rose did make some effort to box out and was probably fouled on this play. Still, he failed to make contact with Teletovic and his poor technique was at least partially responsible for this rebound.

Even had Teletovic missed this miracle shot, Jon Leuer ran to the basket completely unimpeded. The Suns probably would have won anyway on a Leuer tip in.

Other Bulls' Defensive Rebounding and Box Outs:

Sometimes, the ball bounces funny and teams luck into offensive rebounds. Last night was NOT one of those situations. The Suns earned every one of those rebounds by getting in better rebounding position than the Bulls and outworking them. Let me repeat that. The Suns' rebounding was not flukey, it was a direct result of lack of effort by the Bulls.

The Suns got 7 second chances off shots in the last 5 minutes of the game (2 offensive rebounds by Bledsoe, 1 by Knight, 1 on Teletovic's game winner, and 3 team rebounds where they got the ball back out of bounds).

That's what most teams get in an entire half. To give that up in the last 5 minutes of crunch time in an incredibly close game is flat-out unacceptable. Most of those crunch time rebounds were gimmes for the Suns because multiple players on the Bulls failed to box out.

Here are some egregious examples of those 7 crunch time boards:

First, Eric Bledsoe walks right in to grab a rebound off his own miss. Nobody gets a body on him:

Like Bledsoe, Brandon Knight is able to follow his shot without being touched. Mirotic fails to get a body on him and Doug reaches for the rebound rather than boxing out:

Here, Rose and Gasol don't make contact with Eric Bledsoe. Again, Bledsoe is able to waltz in and collect an easy rebound.

All 7 of the Suns' second chances were because of poor technique on team box outs.

The only reason the Bulls didn't give up an 8th second-chance opportunity is because Teletovic made his game-winner. Otherwise, the Suns would be singing the praises of Jon Leuer's tip in.

Hoiberg called his team out in the post game presser. He noted, "We couldn't find a way to get a rebound. When we did get a stop, they got the rebound."

The rebounding and late-game execution was the difference between a W and an L tonight. Had Hoiberg called the correct timeout or the Bulls get any of those defensive rebounds, the team probably would have won.