In This Fanpost We Drink the Tears of Hinkie Fanboys

I wish I could remember the exact wording, but yfBB once blew a Hinkienista out with an amazing turn of phrase. It was something along the lines of, "Yes, and Team X will play some games and win some and have fun in the playoffs while the Sixers will get a thoughtful blog post."

Today is the day when all of us celebrate the demise of the stupid, and look forward to a day when we no longer have to play a barely competitive D-League team four times a year.

(Lest anyone think this is aimed at Sixer fans: I am insanely jealous that they've gotten The Greater Colangelo involved, who is probably the second best NBA front office guy in the last 30 years. Go look at his drafting sometime -- it's incredible how consistently he got good players with "bad" picks. Things are looking up for Philadelphia, just like they did in New York once the league intervened and got some grown-ups involved to save the spoiled children from their baser instincts.)

So yes, obituaries and post-mortem thoughts on the Hinkie Experiment. Bring me the head of Henry Abbott.

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