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Nikola Mirotic suffers concussion against Nuggets, out indefinitely

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Four and a half minutes into the game Wednesday night, Nikola Mirotic suffered this bad blow to the face, went down, and didn't return to the game.

During the game he was diagnosed with a facial laceration and a concussion.

As KC Johnson notes, this means Niko will have to pass the league's mandated concussion protocol before returning to action. Obviously that's a tough thing to prognosticate. If you recall, while I don't think officially diagnosed with anything more than a knee sprain, in that Bucks playoff series last year it did look like he took a bad hit to the head then too.

Mirotic had been turning it on a bit lately, after his 0-6 3pt performance against the Warriors he had gone 8-15 from distance in the games since.