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Chicago Bulls trade rumors: Bulls 'determined' to find a wing

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Overheard on Adrian Wojnarowski's new podcast, The Vertical (~1hr mark):

Executives around the league, and people have told me, that the Bulls are very determined to add a talented wing player. Tony Snell has been given a lot of opportunities and he hasn't established himself, and I've been told that the Bulls are open to...whether it's Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson...maybe not both of them, but either of them if there's a deal out there that they can bring in the best possible wing player available, they're open to it. That's a direction they're going to go in. They need more shape this team towards more of an offensive-minded group.

(some of this is paraphrased, but not the key phrases)

The plan that this rumor suggests isn't hard to figure out. The Bulls have a glut of bigs and especially PFs (though Gibson is the only vet signed through next year, he plays the same position as Mirotic and Portis), and the wing position was looking dire even before Mike Dunleavy's lengthy absence due to back surgery. As mentioned, Tony Snell continues to flounder at anything but wide-open three-point attempts, and while Doug McDermott has turned himself into useable, neither look to be starting-caliber options going forward.

Any surprise, here, would be that the Bulls are 'determined' to do anything. They don't make trades, especially for actual rotation players. It's easy to see a scenario where they look around but can't find a deal that's an absolute no-brainer so they'll stand pat. As both Woj and guest Bobby Marks discuss later in that podcast, the market for either of the Bulls big men (Gasol is mentioned as an opt-out likelihood, but not as a trade candidate) probably isn't much, and Marks notes that nearly every buyer in the league is looking for quality wings.

This was also recorded before Noah's injury news, which kind of puts a wrench in the whole endeavor.