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Joakim Noah injury update: sprained shoulder to sideline him at least two weeks

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Tough blow for the Bulls and Joakim Noah, whose play was picking up lately and peaking with a great game in NY.

Hoiberg said MRI on Noah revealed sprained shoulder. It's 2 weeks of rehab for Noah and then an evaluation. So longer until return to game action.

On the one hand, Hoiberg was forcing in strange lineups to make time for Bobby Portis in the frontcourt, so losing one frontcourt option means the Bulls can get to a more traditional deployment of 4 big men. And the Bulls do have depth to absorb this blow.

But it was looking like, especially lately, that more Joakim Noah was what this team needed, both from a play standpoint and being one of the emotional leaders and diligent workers on the court. A move remaining for Hoiberg to try was to get Noah back in the starting lineup, and that's not an option now.

And not that this was likely to happen anyway, but a trade is also less likely, at least in the immediate term.