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Jimmy Butler and Fred Hoiberg talked it out

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Shootaround today was bound to have some news, given it was the first media availability since Jimmy Butler had some coaching suggestions for Fred Hoiberg after two straight losses.

And there was indeed a lot that came of it. For his part, Jimmy sprinted towards KC Johnson and other reporters to get his side out there, saying Fred was a 'hell of a coach' but also saying he didn't 'call him out' when that's pretty much exactly what he did:

One thing is certain: Butler isn't backing down from his self-proclaimed leadership role, saying he doesn't regret what he said and that his first foray into such a role has a learning curve.

"People want me to lead, you take my leadership for what it is," Butler said. "Some people may like it, some people don't."

Butler did admit unleashing his frustration in the media probably wasn't the best route. But he doubled down on his stance and said Hoiberg even admitted as much in a team meeting that took the place of a film session.

"In that meeting he said that he does have to hold everybody accountable. I have to help him with that," Butler said. "I think I took the easy way out with my frustration. But I was never calling out my coach. I think he's a hell of a coach. I think he's done great through these 25 games."

Butler said he met individually with players about his comments and that Hoiberg did the majority of the talking in Monday's team meeting.

"I think it opened their eyes too, because people know when they're doing things they're not supposed to be doing. So hopefully that's changed. We addressed it in the meeting," Butler said. "I think it will all turnaround for the better.


"(Hoiberg) doesn't have to change as a person. Now that we've addressed it, everybody knows what they have to do in practice and in the games. Before it wasn't addressed everybody was maybe going through the motions."

Hoiberg also spoke, a lot about Jimmy's maturation into a leadership position on the team, and admitting that Butler had a point.

Are there some things I can do better? Sure. Are there some things that all of us can do better? Absolutely. Are there some things I need to demand probably a little bit more? Sure. Look, there are plenty of times in this gym behind closed doors where we have some pretty heated talks. It goes on with every coach. I don't care what their personality or demeanor is. It's part of being in the position that I'm in. It's about accepting that and moving forward.

I look at this as an opportunity for growth for our team. I think we took a step in the right direction, Jimmy and I meeting for a long time yesterday and our team today

There was also some bits in there about on-court fit, specifically if Butler can adjust to a more up-tempo offense, and it's all worth checking out.

I fully expect the Bulls to have a better performance tonight, but it'll be more out of convenience that the Brooklyn Nets are in town more than any 'corner turned' due to this disagreement. That thing doesn't look to be going away.