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Watch Bobby Portis in his first significant NBA minutes

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In case you missed it on Saturday night, the Bulls were creamed by the Knicks but Bobby Portis played a lot and provided some highlights.

Some of these baskets are in garbage time, but tough to deny the overall effort by Portis to be active defensively, push the ball, and shoot when given the opportunity. This included 3-point range, where he was 2-3 for the game.

Post-game, Portis checked off every cliche (via) on the "damn I like this kid" handbook, a leaflet stuffed in the Grit study.

I feel I came out and played as hard as I could every time I was out there. That’s one thing I always hang my hat on, playing hard. I feel like hard work is the tonic. I feel like I’m a blue collar guy who can do a lot of different things with the basketball, play defense, block shots, get steals, a little bit of everything. Just the opportunity was there for me to play tonight and ran with it. It’s not about opening eyes. I don’t really care about trying to prove people wrong or make it seem like I need to play. Just being myself and being a kid out there.

The Bulls made a cool and wise decision to rest Pau Gasol in that game, but with all 4 bigs available it's tough to see Portis getting more time. Or is it?

Hoiberg admitted that the rookie's play could force some changes in the rotation.

"We'll have a lot to talk about in the next couple days," Hoiberg said. "And then some decisions to make.

Nick Friedell continues in that article that maybe the time comes at the small forward spot, with Doug McDermott experiencing issues with his surgically repaired right knee, limiting him to under 10 minutes on Saturday.