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Hoiberg defends (some of) his crunch-time coaching choices

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As Chris pointed out in his recap, Fred Hoiberg's clock management and (lack of) substitutions were very questionable. Hoiberg addressed the lot of them after the game.

On Derrick Rose's step-back in regulation (Rose didn't speak to reporters), the second time that's missed against Detroit

"We wanted to attack. They played him well. They played him well. We tried to slip the screen and confuse the screen, and they stayed with it. They made a heckuva defensive play."

On not taking a timeout to advance the ball at the end of the second overtime:

"It was a decision where looking back on it, I should've used it, absolutely. I look back on that one for sure."

On riding the same lineups throughout all the overtimes:

"Guys were fighting. We felt we had the guys in there that were going to give us the best opportunity to win the game."

On that last bit, Hoiberg did make a couple offensive subs to end the 3rd and 4th OTs, and Stan Van Gundy made just as few on his end. To me it seems like all coaches do this, including Thibs, and it's always annoying. Especially given the Bulls case where they have depth, at least to the point of where you could make more defensive possession subs.