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All the records set from a quadruple-overtime Bulls game

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David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

[Mike From Illinois is famous - as much as the BaB comments can create fame - for doing these. Last night's game was right in his wheelhouse -yfbb]

  • This was the Bulls' second four-overtime game in team history, with the other one at Portland on March 16th, 1984, with the Bulls winning 156-155. Both teams combined to make one three-point field goal the whole game.
  • The 147 points the Pistons scored ties for fifth place for the most points the Bulls have ever given up in a game. The most points they ever gave up in a game was 158 to the Pistons in March of 1969, which was a non-overtime game.
  • The 144 points the Bulls scored ties for the tenth-most points they have ever scored in a game, and is the second time in team history they have scored that many points in a game and lost.
  • The Bulls are the first team to lose a game scoring 144 or more points since April of 2008 when Denver lost to Seattle 151-147.
  • The 20 points allowed by the Bulls in the fourth overtime is the second-most points they have allowed in any overtime period in team history. The Pistons scored 22 overtime points in a single-overtime game against them on November 21st, 1987.
  • With 33 points and 21 rebounds, Andre Drummond is the first player to have at least a 33/21 game against the Bulls since Karl Malone of the Jazz had a 34/21 game against them in February of 1992.
  • With 43 points and 8 rebounds, Jimmy Butler is the fifth Bulls' player in the last 30 years to accomplish that. Pau Gasol, Jalen Rose, and Elton Brand each did it once. Michael Jordan did it 25 times. Add in 2 steals and 2 blocks, and Butler is the only Bull other than Jordan to have at least a 43/8/2/2 game in the last 30 years, which Jordan did seven times.
  • The 56 minutes Butler played ties for the third-most minutes played in a game by a Bulls' player in the last 30 years. Butler played 60 minutes in a triple-overtime game against Orlando in January of 2014.