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Eastern Conference standings watch: The fight between 2-10

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Pistons game part of some East in-fighting

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody signed up for a game preview (which is fine, but just a reminder to do sign up if you're interested) for tonight's clash against the Pistons, so in lieu of something more proper let's take a look at the East as a whole.

John Schuhmann just broke it down today on, since Bulls-Pistons is one of 3 games with combatants in this race for the second seed. And there's a 2.5 games difference between the #2 and #10 ranked teams in the conference.

This isn't news to Bulls fans, but worth pointing out: the Bulls have the best record of these teams, but haven't had the best performance based on point differential. That's a bit statistically noisy early in the season, but so is W/L record! As Schuhmann notes, only 5 of the Bulls 15 wins are by more than six points. But two of those wins are part of this 4-game winning streak, so...trending up!

The Bulls have awesome wins against West powerhouses OKC, San Antonio, and against struggling-but-should-be-decent teams like the Clippers and Grizzlies. And of course they beat Cleveland on opening night. All those games were at home, which is worth mentioning.

But looking at this post also shows the standings when these 2-10 teams only faced eachother. The Bulls have the worst net rating out of all nine of them. They can start fixing that number tonight against the Pistons.