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It's December 15th, which means much of the league can be traded (though the Bulls probably won't bother)

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There's a CBA rule to where an offseason signing is only first eligible to be traded on December 15th, which is today! Yes, there are other circumstances where a player still can't be traded (usually if they were signed to contract extensions, like Jimmy Butler) but this still opens up much of the league, and it looks like the entire league is up for tinkering on the almighty Trade Machine.

Of course, as we all know, the Bulls don't make trades. This team badly needs one, even a not-good one, if only to mix things up a bit. And yes that's mostly selfish fan-wanting than anything, but it's important to remember that different situations can mean different outcomes for players. If the Bulls swap under-performing players it may work out to where the guy coming in is a better fit! Crazy, but possible.

More crazy would be a move of one of their big men (especially expiring contracts in Noah and Gasol) for a real upgrade elsewhere on the roster.

I don't know. Try and come up with something. It's more fun than the performances the team on the court have put out, successful as they have been. Some random trade thoughts.

  • The Bulls are nearly $5m into the luxury tax already. If we're looking for reasons to believe they will make a trade, they never before kept a 15th guy on the roster, and did so even though they were already into the tax. Maybe that's the difference between hiring your pal and trying to sabotage the last guy on his way out. But it's worth considering in your trade ideas that the Bulls probably don't want to take on any more 2015-16 money. I could see them offering to take on long-term salary as they don't figure to be 2016 free agent players regardless.
  • As much as the Bulls don't make any legitimate trades, I especially don't think they would do a 'challenge' deal against someone they're contending with, and in this newly-competitive Eastern Conference that eliminates a lot of teams.
  • Aaron Brooks is now eligible to be dealt, but he has a pseudo no-trade clause as moving teams would eliminate his Early Bird rights for this coming offseason. He probably would still approve the deal, recent uptick in playing time aside.
  • The Bulls have all their own first round picks, and that top-10 pick from the Sacramento Kings.
  • Derrick Rose just isn't going to be traded. Like a TV Judge would say: I'll allow it, but watch yourself.

This is all meant to be fun, and distracting. The Bulls themselves really like their guys! And that, combined with the ever-present Derrick Rose problem, makes it tough to even think of whether the Bulls are buyers or sellers at this point. But dare to dream.