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Pau Swearing at Tony Snell

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Tony Snell is quickly losing trust among the Bulls coaches and players for his inconsistent play

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Is Tony Snell becoming the Bulls' version of 2011 Mario Chalmers? A good 3 point shooter that the team screams at as a way of team bonding?

Pau Gasol was pretty upset at Tony Snell in the 1st quarter of Thursday's Clippers victory. The Bulls have had massive problems on the defensive glass, and Snell gave up 2 straight offensive rebounds to Luc Mbah a Moute on very poor effort.

The first, with about 4 1/2 minutes left in the first quarter:

Less than a minute later, Snell left Gasol out to dry by letting Mbah a Moute past him again:

Pau was furious after this stretch and Fred Hoiberg immediately called timeout to pull Snell out of the game. Pau and Hoiberg's reactions were both priceless:

You can see Pau screaming, but the audio on the gamefeed sounded like typical Pau speak: "BLARHGHGHPHPH." My guess was that Pau was telling Snell his play was as uninspired as a community theater's rendition of Don Giovanni, but KC Johnson provided some more insight in his article for the Tribune:

Pau Gasol screamed at Tony Snell, using an expletive, to box out as the Clippers grabbed another offensive board. "We have to be more physical," Gasol said.

Hoiberg put Snell in for another 14 minutes in the game, but Snell didn't play a single minute in the 4th quarter. This continues a trend - Snell is a tough player to trust in crunch time, and he's been benched in the 4th quarter in half of Bulls' last 8 games. Even when Hoiberg has put him in, he's logged just 8 total minutes in 4 appearances.

Snell is still shooting fireballs from 3, but has the lowest shooting percentage on 2 point shots in the entire league (min. 50 att), converting only 24% of his shots.