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Derrick Rose ditches the mask, sees results

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As the second half of that Clippers game began, TNT's Kevin Harlan excitedly declared that Derrick Rose was without the mask he'd been wearing all year.

Rose then hit a floater, surpassing the number of makes he had the entire first half. That was it for the 3rd quarter but he had a pretty good 4th, leading to this somewhat misleading graphic in the post-game:

If you wish to keep track for the rest of the season, Derrick Rose in the mask this season was 94-265 FGs (35%). 'The mask' will be a story if  Rose continues playing well, which is ultimately a win for us.

Well I think it will be, because, man: the mask talk was already goofy.

Rose said he was cleared by doctors three days ago to lose the mask that he had worn during games after having surgery in training camp to repair the orbital bone in his left eye. Rose re-entered Thursday's game in the third quarter and inadvertently left the mask on the bench.

"When I went out there the play had started (and) I forgot to put it on and I said, ‘you know what, I'm just going to leave it on the side' and it ended up working out for me," Rose said.

We can at least be comforted that he was indeed medically cleared to ditch the thing. Will he stay with the mask off? The answer is Rose:

Rose said he wasn't worried about re-injuring the eye but, "I was shooting a lot of floaters. I didn't want to go to the lane that hard. They went down (Thursday night)."


"The next game ... I may have it on, I may have it off," he said. "Who knows?"

(this friggin' guy....)

Previously Rose had said he may keep the mask on his whole career. Derrick Rose says stuff.