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The Bulls seem to have no plan or effort to make defensive rotations

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Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Wanted to quickly highlight this post from the enemy last night, as Celticsblog has a great breakdown of last night. The kicker.

On their five game road trip, the Celtics shot a very respectable 37.2% from behind the arc.  That was good for 6th in the league in that ten-day span.  Against the Bulls last night, they hit only 5-for-23.  How did they still manage to put up 105 points against one of the league's best defenses?  They went inside.

And though they had some success with post-ups of Jared Sullinger, a lot of it was off of picks and drives to where the Bulls either didn't know who should rotate, or if they did they didn't do it quickly enough.

There's that and a lot more over at Celticsblog, though obviously more from the offense's perspective.

For the Bulls, if you want to play body language doctor, they at the least seem confused, and pointing fingers.

The weird thing is it's still a good defense! Currently 3rd in the league. But in their last 3 losses they've had a defensive rating of 106.6, 101.6, and 106.1, which is decidedly below-average, and in the 4th quarters of those 3 games have given up an average of 34 points per period.