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Rose cites room for improvement as a positive in Bulls start to the season

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Greenberg had a solid column today in trying to figure out a Bulls team that's winning if not performing in a way that's too inspiring.They're 10-5, good to be bunched in that 2nd-tier of the East and worth noting a lot of preseason West favorites (and the Wizards in this conference) had looked bad AND have worse records.

#DerrickRoseSaysStuff was not totally head-scratching for once, either.

Who wants to be great right now early in the season? If you are, that's good, but right now we're trying to get used to one another, get used to the lineups when we're out there.We're missing some players, but we're getting used to each other. It's just going to take a little more time.

Take that, Warriors! But I see his point. There's definitely room for improvement and they're getting used to Hoiberg. Oh, and Rose himself has been abominable.

But makes it even better yet that these wins are 'banked', so even if they get better yet lose a bit more it'll even out.