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Will Hoiberg Start Joakim Noah?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Per KC Johnson:

Hoiberg said no lineup changes. But Noah worked with starters at shootaround. Mirotic played coy when asked if he's coming off bench.

In the related Tribune article by KC, he mentions that IF Jo were to start, it would be for Niko. I know some BaB'ers would hope it would be for Pau.

I'm guessing we won't know the answer to this until tonight. However, if Jo gets the start tonight, it will be interesting to see how much faith Hoiberg has lost in the Pau/Niko combination going forward.

On a somewhat related note, the Bulls seem to be believe part of their defensive problems are due to communication, or lack thereof:

"(Sunday) was a good step in the right direction toward … guys talking to each other," Hoiberg said. "In the film room we talked some things out and on the practice floor guys really went out and competed against each other, and it was a vocal practice. We didn't have that (Saturday) night. We screwed up a couple of coverages in our ball screens simply because we didn't communicate it quickly enough. We're still very early in the process, but it has to improve."

Noah as the starter would definitely help with any communication issues.

Though it seems that lack of communication is only part of the problem. The Bulls fixing their late game offense with Rose, will also help.

What also remains to be seen is how the offense as a whole will be affected by starting Noah.